startSafe® every time!

Buyers and sellers desire a more secure and simple way to start their home closing experience. startSafe® is a new digital opening process for the home closing experience that has been designed to maximize security and ease-of-use for consumers. When you choose to work with Fidelity National Title, our startSafe® digital opening process will allow your consumers to safely begin their transaction, share preferred contact methods, and review WireSafe wiring instructions and other forms without relying on potentially unsecure email inboxes. Whether you are on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, startSafe® is simple and intuitive to walk through.

It all starts with an email!

Here is the example of the email consumers receive.

email campaign

start secure mobile

startSafe small logo

How does it work?

startSafe® uses advanced security protocols and multi-factor identification to initiate a secure digital opening experience with consumers. An intuitive, question-based information collection process guides consumers through providing and confirming necessary information. Information on wire safety and specific wiring instructions are also delivered securely for consumers to review and then acknowledge with an electronic signature.

Open Email
Open EMail
Open the email from Fidelity National Title to begin the startSafe® process.

Click to Begin
Click to Begin
Establish a secure communication channel with our settlement professionals.

Review and Answer
Review & Answer
Review and provide information for each question.

Acknowledge Wire Instructions
Acknowledge and Sign Forms
Review the WireSafe wiring instructions or other forms and click to securely sign and acknowledge.

Securely submit the updated information and signed WireSafe form to Fidelity National Title.